Be a Guest at your own Party.

The Recipe for the Perfect Occasion.

We're proud to bring a different type of catering to the tri-state area.  Give us your theme and we'll take care of the food. From tried and true traditional, to wild and unusual, our experienced culinary team will make your guests say "WOW"!

About Colonel's Gourmet Events

Colonel's Gourmet Events is a spin-off of Colonel De's Kitchen in Fort Thomas, KY. Colonel De and his team of culinary professionals are now offering their event services to a select number of clients in the Northern Kentucky region. We can provide trained chefs and expert-level catering solutions to your private Gourmet Events.

What is a Gourmet Event?

It can be any number of things all centered around good food and good times with the ability to toss in an element of education. We create custom culinary experiences, whether in your home, at your business, or even in our event space in Fort Thomas.

From the Colonel:

"Let's say your company wants to have a lunch and learn. We can teach you about food, its preparation and the seasonings that are used to make it special. Or, your company has just won a large contract. That is certainly a good reason for a Gourmet Event. In this type of instance, there will be less education and more celebration. When you want a custom menu that is a cut above the normal fare of catering companies, that's when you give us a call."

Our chefs will work with you to plan a specific menu or theme for your event. While our goal is to work with you on deciding the perfect custom menu, we have a handful of starter themes that we have created:


Large Gathering / Party Themes

Often, a party just needs a culinary theme to start, and everything comes together around that. Pick the ethnic cuisine you are most interested in, and our chefs will build a menu around it to wow your guests. Some great starting themes: Tuscan Coast Fête, Mexican Fiesta, Beach Party Bingo, New Orleans Jazz, Victorian English Tea Party, Oktoberfest, Backyard Luau... the only limits are your creativity!
Tired of planning? Give us your menu ideas, and enjoy the run-up to your big day. We can create a themed dinner, your first date meal, a backyard barbecue, or an elegant gourmet meal for friends and family. Just say 'I do'.
When you want to add a little flair to the otherwise standard boxed lunch, Colonel De's Gourmet Events has your back. We put a little extra love, with all of the signature Colonel De flavors into an offering that will wow your guests. Sandwich, side, and a tasty dessert are standard, but we can customize your lunches to meet your groups� needs. These are fantastic options for business meetings and out of town guests. We can make your meeting one to remember.

Small Gathering / Intimate Events

Can't make it out of town, but are ready for a vacation? Our trained chefs will create a delicious experience just like one you would have while traveling. Pick a destination, and we'll do the rest. We'll even throw in those cute little umbrellas for your drinks.
It's been a rough week and of course tomorrow night is supposed to be date night. Time to call Colonel's Gourmet Events. Let us create a delicious gourmet multi-course meal. Have a glass of wine, and let us dine you.
When you want to put a little somethin' somethin' into your relationship, this is a good way to start. We will create a fantastically sensual meal for you. Wonderful textures, luscious flavors, and did we mention, no utensils. No knives, no spoons, no forks. These will all be finger food. Remember to dress very casually.

Corporate / Business Events

Lunch & Learns are often very successful methods to engage your team members and offer training and development opportunities. Whether incorporating our instructional plans into your presentation, or just allowing us to serve your learners, our Gourmet Events team creates an experience to enhance training.
Everyone loves a good party, unfortunately, generic food can bring an otherwise festive celebration occasion to its knees. With our Gourmet Event menus, there's no danger of that. Our chef team will work with you to ensure the food you're serving complements the quality of your organization.
Treat your employees well, and they'll be happier workers! Nothing says 'we value you' to a group of employees than 'a meal on us'. We can bring an amazing spread to your business, or we can host your team in our Fort Thomas Kitchen. Pick a theme, or let our culinary experts craft one specifically for you, and show your employees how much they mean to you.

Our Menus

The costs for our catering services vary based on size of the crowd and the menu chosen. We have event offerings from 2 to 200 or more.

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All of our catering engagements are one-of-a-kind affairs. Please contact us to discuss your event, and to learn more about how our team can help ensure your event is amazing.

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